Letters From Lockdown 14: Rosie Hughes

Dear Charlie and Annabel,

Well, what a blast it’s been! To be honest, parenting was the job I was looking forward to the least, but was easily the one I’ve enjoyed the most.

For a supposedly ‘dysfunctional’ single parent family we’ve had some real highs and, most importantly, some real laughs. We’ve got lost in most of the major towns and rural environs of the UK, narrowly avoided losing Annabel over a cliff in Cornwall, asked questions of the great and good at the Hay Festival, got stung by jellyfish (Annabel again…), survived collapsed ceilings, electrical explosions and Duke of Edinburgh expeditions (well Charlie did).

My greatest joy has been in seeing you both have the courage to brave the world and follow paths that inspire and excite you. You are fearless, energetic, curious and creative. I am so excited for you!

I am now taking stock and reflecting on my future too. I love books, reading, talking to people (yes, really) and am interested in exploring new countries, new social groups and reconnecting with old friends.

Don’t be anxious about leaving me behind. I am on a new journey too.

Love Mumma xxx

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