Letters from Lockdown 11: Nadia Raza

This is a letter to my cat, Ewok.

To my gorgeous little cuddly squish, I just want to say thank you and I love you.

We’ve been seeing each other a lot more recently, and I think that might be the only perk to this shituation. I’m currently writing this with you asleep on my brother’s bed instead of mine, but I won’t take that to heart, because that’s where the sun is shining and I know how you love to sunbathe as you sleep.

While I don’t remember much about my childhood, I remember when we first met like it was yesterday. It was January 2006, a few months had passed since the time when we went over to the Robinson’s (our family friend’s) house, and your mum, Twiz, had uncharacteristically scratched me when I tried touching her belly. We had since found out it was because she was pregnant with you and your 3 siblings. We always knew we would get Jasmine, your beautiful little fluffy sister, but it was only last minute when we decided we needed you, the scruffy runt of the litter, to take home as well.

We’ve experienced a lot together since then. When I first went to boarding school, and you learned a habit of paw-ing at my door at 4pm on a Friday, knowing that I’d be home soon. When I first introduced you to George, and you acted aloof and dismissive because you were petty that you had to share the bed with a second person (I know you love him now though, and that makes me very happy). And after Jasmine died, when I’d watch you wait by the backdoor for her to come back. It made me so sad, but I know it made us both grateful that we still had each other.

You’ve always been there with me when I was going through my worst times. I remember distinctly when I was in one of my dark moods, at the saddest time of the early morning, thinking nothing but black thoughts and feeling awful until I heard your gentle scratching at the door. After I let you in, you nuzzled my cheek and wiped the tears away with your fur, and you didn’t leave my side all night.

The world is going through a pretty scary time right now, and it’s making me realise now more than ever how lucky I am to have you. I know pets don’t last forever, and you won’t be with me for my whole life, but I’m so grateful that you’ll spend your whole life giving me and my family all your love. These are my formative years, when I’m growing from a child to an adult, and having you to care for and love has made me who I am today.

Thank you for your love and cuddles, I love you more than a letter can explain.

Nadia x

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