Happiness Not Hysteria: 30/03/2020

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! Here at The Hysteria Collective, we have decided to start a new series to get us through this difficult time. With more and more people self-isolating, practising social distancing or just generally spending more time at home, we realise how isolating this can be and the constant onslaught of negative news isn’t helping. So welcome to the fifth in our series of Happiness not Hysteria, we’ll be sharing what we are watching, what we are reading, what we are cooking and what we’re listening to as well as sharing some positive news stories. I hope it makes you smile!

Happy News!

Clap For Our Carers- At 8pm on Thursday 26th March 2020, millions of people clapped to show our gratitude for the hardworking NHS staff who are currently working on the frontline to fight COVID-19. It was such a hearwarming moment that connected us all during this stange time!

Bristol’s Coronavirus Houseboat Party- Members of Bristol Marina’s houseboat community found a unique way to beat loneliness during lockdown.

Rainbows in Windows Spread Joy- With social distancing and lots of places including many schools closing because of COVID-19 children are connecting painting colourful rainbows and putting them in their windows for others to see.It’s thought the rainbow trend started in Italy, but has rapidly caught on in other countries including the US, Canada, Spain and now the UK. In the UK lots of rainbows have been shared on social media, with one Facebook group called Chase the Rainbow suggesting: “Create a rainbow picture to display in your window so that children can go rainbow spotting whilst out for walks.” And on Twitter people are sharing their own photos with #chasetherainbow. There is even an interactive map which has been created so people can see where the rainbows are.

What We’re Watching!

Toy Story 1-4, DisneyPlus- Toy Story needs no introduction, it is classic Disney Pixar that we all grew up loving. All four films are based on the concept that all toys, unknown to humans, are secretly alive, and the films focus on a diverse group of toys that feature a cowboy doll named Woody and a spaceman action figure named Buzz Lightyear. The group unexpectedly embark on adventures that challenge and change them. the films are perfect for a heartwarming cheery watch to make you smile during lock down

Brooklyn 99, Netflix and E4– Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a sitcom which focuses on a the 99th precinct in Brooklyn, New York. The show stars Andy Samberg as Detective Jake Peralta, a talented but immature detective whose free reign at the 99th Precinct comes to an end when a by-the-book captain Holt takes over. Series 1-6 are available on Netflix with Series 7 currently airing on E4 at 9pm on Thursday evenings.

What We’re Reading!

Here at the Hysteria Collective, we have set up a virtual book club! Every two weeks a different member will be choosing a book! We will post on the page who is picking and they will comment what book to read! We will then have a post where reviews and comments can be shared. Books by female authors encouraged but not mandatory! The first book has been chosen by The Hysteria Collective’s founder and Editor, Imy Brighty-Potts. Last week Imy chose ‘If Women Rose Rooted’ by Sharon Blackie! Discussions are now beginning on the facebook group (follow link below) about the book. If you haven’t started the book yet, don’t worry read at your own pace and comment on the discussion at any time. ‘If Women Rose Rooted’ by Sharon Blackie‘ is available at many online book stores.

What We’re Cooking!

Risotto is the perfect quarantine dinner, its very easy to make and very adaptable, you can use whatever meat fish or veggies you have to really jazz it up. Here are 4 different easy risottos to get you started!

What We’re Listening To!

This week our founder and editor, Imy Brighty-Potts has been listening to Orla Gartland. Orla Joan Gartland is an Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist from Dublin who gained popularity from posting cover songs on her YouTube account. At present, her YouTube channel has received over 15 million views in total. Here is her channel below, be sure to have a listen.


Creative Prompts and Competitions!

Letters From Lockdown- Everyday we are in lockdown, The Hysteria Collective are going to publish a 400-500 word letter from one of our writers, to someone, something, or just a letter to yourself. Sign up will be below and you may sign up for two slots, but they cannot be on consecutive days. Letters must be in pending on our website by 5pm so they can be published by 7pm. These can be positive, emotional, whatever. The ball is in our creators court. We would love to include drawings and photos in them too. Please sign up here to get involved and comment if you have any questions. We hope this will be a really broad and fulfilling project.


Ready, Set, Shoot: An Isolation Photography Competition!

This week, just like our poetry competition, we’re going to be holding a photography competition that will be judged by our editorial team! We’re not experts in photography, but we’d love to see you share your work.

So, email us a photo, with Isolation Photography in the subject. All work must be entirely yours and not published elsewhere! All entrants will have their work put on The Hysteria Collective website and the winner will feature in our newsletter, and on our instagram! We’re trying to keep things positive during these times, so, we’d love to see a photo of something that’s keeping you smiling during isolation!

Pass this on to any friends who may also be keen to enter!

Send all submissions to thehysteriacollective@gmail.com by 7pm on Friday 3rd April.

Isolation Poetry Competition: The Winner

Congratulations to  Joanna Magill , the winner of our Isolation Poetry contest! Her poem is below and will be going up on our website! All other entrants will also be posted on our website! We had some INCREDIBLE entrants and were so impressed!


We understand that this time may trigger anxiety, depression or feeling of isolation for many people so we are going to do our bit in the fight against mental health by sharing some helpful contacts should you need them. Please remember it’s okay not to be okay especially with all of this uncertainty.

  • Mind- 0300 123 3393
  • PAPYRUS- 0800 068 4141
  • SANE- 0300 304 7000
  • SAMARITANS- 116 123

All that is left to say is have a brilliant week, stay safe, stay home, stay productive, wash your hands and be kind. We’ll be back soon with more recommendations and happy news stories. For now, here is an amazing throwback dance party workout to keep you happy and keep you moving!

Lots of Love

The Hysteria Collective xxx

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