Letters from Lockdown 4: Lamis Captan

This is a letter to my LDB (long distance bestie). We haven’t spoken much recently as the current state of the world is a bit overwhelming. But I hope she enjoys this letter.

Dear Lottie, 

Social distancing huh? We’re already pretty good at that! With both of us living in different parts of the country, and last year different parts of Europe we’re not very good at sticking close together physically. Although we’re currently 150 miles away from each other, that’s a lot better than our usual 700. Despite my complaining, I am so happy you had the opportunity to study abroad. You’ve grown so much recently, but I must say there is a certain glow of positivity you have. It has also shown me that I have a long lasting friendship in you, and distance will not keep us apart.

We’re pretty seasoned FaceTimer’s! We have probably facetimed more hours in the last four months than we have seen each other in person. I’ve gotten pretty good at balancing you on my mirror whilst rushing to do my makeup in the morning – will there ever be a time where we are both not busy? Who knows, we’ll probably be planning each other’s weddings over a skype call whilst in different time zones. But, just because we are used to it, it doesn’t make this any easier. I am just sending this letter to say soon we will be back together again, covered in sweat after our manic dance parties in my living room (which literally require showers after). Hopefully some time, we can break into a real club and show off those dance moves that wowed all of our classmates at those house parties many years ago. Or perhaps they were just stunned? Or fearful? I couldn’t really tell, but I also don’t care because we were having the best time of our lives.

Also writing to say I can’t wait to explore your new home when the government finds it fit for us to travel again. I know it is all a bit daunting, but it is a new place to set our childhood memories (and yes childhood, I am certainly not ready to call either of us adults yet). I know everything is a bit different and scary right now, and this global pandemic just threw a new dose of uncertainty into the mix. But I think it can serve to teach both of us a lesson. I already know you will be squirming around your home like you have literal worms in your pants because your adventurous soul has been confined to 4 walls. I really hope you are slowing down this time, I am trying my best too as well. Journal those feelings away, stretch those legs and go on the longest (single) walk you can possibly take yourself on, teach yourself that skill you were always too busy for – I believe in you!

I love and miss you. But remember, no amount of distance can keep us apart. 

Your one and only mushroom xxx

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