Letters From Lockdown 2: Annabel Hughes

Dear Em,

I miss you. I hope you are well.

Wow, what a woman you are.

I’ve known you all my life – that is something I am forever grateful for. Your humour and personality keep me going even through the darkest of days. You are a beacon of love to me – I do hope you know that.

Do you remember that time when your dad would tell us that there were fairies living at the bottom of your garden? Yeah that was cute. Or the time we went to a farm with my mum and a goat bit my finger and we had to get a plaster from the farmer? I think that’s where my passion for animals stems from.

You are so funny. When I am with you I cannot help but laugh until my stomach hurts (I can thank you for my abs of steel – I kid). Our wine mum nights are the highlights of my week – we’re slowly becoming Rosie and Dawn and it’s really iconic. There is no one I would rather scream Mamma Mia with, driving down the motorway on our way to get a stupid tattoo or piercing – our terrible life mistakes are usually collaborative which I am a huge fan of. You have been by my side through every aspect of my life: the good, the bad and the ugly and yet you are always there as my constant.

I have never known someone to have so much shit thrown in their way and who manages to carry on with such elegance. You are a true fighter. Someone should really write a book about you; maybe I will? Emily Farr: A Life in Ridiculous Annecdotes.

This is only a short letter and you will definitely laugh at me for how completely wet it is but leave me alone I’m trying to be artsy (though our friendship will always be better than any you see in some indie film). I just wanted to remind you that you are loved, so deeply and unconditionally.

Yours forever,

Bels xox

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