Here’s to Women

Here’s to women who know where they’re going in life and know how they’re getting there,

Here’s to the women than don’t even have a pla let alone a plan,

Here’s to the women that fly through life by the seat of their pants and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s to the loud women.

The quiet women.

The shy women.

The brave women.

And the scared women.

Here’s to women with long hair,

Short hair

Straight hair

Curly hair

And body hair!

Here’s to women that have sex a lot,

The women that have no sex at all,

The women that have sex with men,

The women who have sex with women,

And the women who have sex for money.

Here’s to the mothers,

The nanas,

The sisters,

The aunties,

The aunties that aren’t really are aunties,

And the cousins that are more like best friends.

Here’s to the women who dress up,

Dress down,

Dance in their dressing gowns at the party,

And wear nothing at all.

Here’s to the straight women,

The lesbian women

The bisexual women,

The trans women,

You are all women worth knowing and loving.

Here’s to the fat women,

The curvy women,

The beautiful women with the big booties,

The skinny women,

The itty bitty titty committee members ,

And the women with the massive mammaries.

Here’s to the disabled women,

The scarred women,

And the women who struggle in their mind sometimes.

Here’s to the women in STEM,

The women in law,

The women in politics,

The women in sport,

Here’s to women everywhere.

We salute you.

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