What are you gonna wish for

Some years are longer than others – impactful

Consuming the last hours of the afternoon

I try to piece back the shapes I once knew

And now miss

The clusters you and I used to be part of

And now split

Clawing deep in my pitch-black thoughts

The hare-bells are blooming,

It’s summer already

I’ve been counting the days,

Drifting away like the wishes blown away on a birthday cake

Too fast, I’m afraid

For they shall be remembered

In a notebook at the bottom of the pile

I wonder how long we could have stayed here

Maybe privileged to watch three sunrises before they’d found us

Pretty gallery of smudged memories

That the moon, wet with dew, wash away

What are you gonna wish for –

When you’ll see the hare-bells blooming

It’s been a long time – still

And I quite believe you keep on walking close to me

Our roads are just not ready to cross again – yet

Maëlle Leggiadro

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