International Women’s Day: Stretch Marks

I wear them with pride, these silver marks around my sides,

They remind me of the time we shared, when you were always right here,

An extension of me growing within, I didn’t care I was no longer thin,

With life and love my belly grew, stretching to make room for you.

I stretched and stretched fit to pop, until one day the stretching stopped,

My little angel finally born, my body no longer needed to keep you warm,

That little face, ten toes, ten fingers – love filled me up so the pain didn’t linger,

I looked at you that day and knew, my body, my heart and soul loved you.

While my body will never look the same, these marks I have don’t bring me shame,

They are the lasting proof that I had you, and I wear them like they are the best tattoo,

From the visible signs of where you started, I would never want to be parted,

My life, my love, my heart and soul – I will treasure them until I grow old.

Stevette Potts

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