a little bit more, every day

I don’t know what it is about you,

that makes my soul feel warm and my spine tingle,

maybe it’s the vibrations of your voice,

racing round the room,

as you sing as if there is no one else in the world.

maybe it’s the games i can play,

quietly in bed,

with the dot to dot of freckles on your arms,

constellations that i let my fingertips gently trace.

maybe it’s really the wrinkles on your nose,

when your eyes light up like the sun on the sea,

as laughter cascades clumsily from your pink lips.

or maybe it’s the sound of soft breath,

and melodic humming as you drift off to the quiet land,

your head so seldom explores.

no, maybe it’s just the comfortable contentment that is pulling you close,

and resting a quick kiss on your forehead,

and knowing everything will be okay,

because i love you a little more,



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