Letter to Your Future Self

Letters to your future self are an act of self-love, a promise of something to hold on to and go back on in a few weeks, months or years from now. Time it as you want. Give it the form that you want. Say you, say I, or even She/He/Them, the choice is yours.

I wrote the following letter for my future self and your future self as well. Yes, you, right here, reading this. Print it, keep it somewhere. You’ll probably be glad to randomly find it later.

Dear future self,

First, I hope you’ve been honest with yourself. About everything. I hope you’ve been brave enough to ask yourself the hard questions and being even braver to answer them.

I hope that you followed your heart and instinct and said no to whatever would have driven you crazy instead of forward.

Please, I hope you stopped complaining about random things. Instead, I hope you’ve been cultivating gratitude, which always opens doors on the most beautiful things. This mindset has the power to shift away anxiety and to make you become the best version of yourself.

Dear future self, I hope you’ve been bold. Bold enough not to knock at closed doors, but to overthrow the biggest brick walls on your way and create your own opportunities.

I hope you remember how incredibly beautiful you are. In and out. How unique and irreplaceable. Because, trust me, you are. As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote: “There are all types of loves in this world but never the same love twice”.

Dear future self, I hope that you can see now that time has passed that the right ones didn’t leave and I hope you kept on nourishing the relationships that matter to you.

Dear future self, I hope you remember how important your dreams are. Don’t let them down. However, do not lose sight of the importance of love, balance, quality time and self-awareness.

Dear future self, I hope you’ve been silly. I hope you’ve allowed yourself to fail. I hope you’ve allowed yourself to say and do stupid things, to try. I hope you’ve also allowed yourself to be brilliant. Smart. Imaginative. That you kept on running, messing around, creating beautiful things, being sassy, unapologetically yourself, that you’ve been taking no shit from the insecure and bitter ones. I hope you loved hard, no matter the consequences of it. Whether you’re in a relationship or going from one night stand to another or just not interested, the only thing that matters is that you feel good about it.

I hope you’ve been kind. Kind to yourself and kind to others. I hope you refused envy, prejudices and laziness, but celebrated others success instead and being faithful in yours.

Dear future self, in the end, I hope you’ve been exploring. I hope you made mistakes and made amends, took leaps in the dark, been nothing but tremendously alive.

The sun will rise and we will try again. If I’m correct, this is from a Twenty One Pilots song. So, no matter where you are now, or with who, remember that this is your current situation, not your final destination. Cherish everything, because this will change too.

And if you haven’t been doing all of those things, don’t be hard on you. Tomorrow is another day and you can always start again.

Maëlle Leggiadro

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