The Chasm of Living and Dying

Content warning: suicide

She jumped with the expectation that she would fall down, to a silent sleep

But instead she fell to find herself awake, alert, aware of everything


Not sure where to go from here

The miscalculation of taking the leap was slightly bemusing

Nobody told her it was possible to fall awake

What a sensation

An overwhelming wave of solace drowned her


She sunk to the top


But she only jumped from a hill

She only drowned in a river


Did she dare try jumping off a mountain into the sea?

Dare Dare Double Dare


She knew she would fall into that shameful, silent sleep

and undoubtedly, she would sink all the way to the bottom


The chasm between living and dying was unmissable

The hills and rivers are breathtaking, harmonious,


Rainbows in plain sight

She decided to stay there

It’s okay

You’re okay

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