The thoughts come back. 

In and out like waves. 

They are what I cannot keep hold of. 

Like water, you slipped through my fingers. 

My tears were wasted on you. 

I’ll close my eyes and erase you. 

The memories will not slip in,

I know they mean nothing to you. 

But people like you don’t come around often. 

I’m still looking at you through rose-tinted glasses. 

There are too many songs, 

That keep you coming back to me. 

All these words that I’m not brave enough to say.

All these words I want you to say. 

The hope of who I wanted you to be, 

Did not alter the sad reality, 

That I was not enough. 

There is this distance now, 

This space between us, 

That neither one can overcome. 

I remember how easy it was for you, 

To take my clothes off,

Making me forget,

That you would not look at me the same after.

Yet, I still let you put your arms around me, 

Still let you kiss me,

Because for a night, I craved you too. 

But then morning came, 

Everyone else came into view,  

And I was no longer what you wanted. 

You came in and out like a wave,

Leaving me behind on the sand,

Feeling useless,

All those hours wasted on you.  

I might stay here for a while, 

Silently wishing, 

But waves do not come back. 

There will be more like you. 

But there will only be one, 

Who will sweep me out to sea. 

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