The Arts Generation

We are the arts generation

Get some smarts generation

We are the culture and the power and the hearts generation

Saving the world from the fire generation

One tofu salad at a time generation

We are placards and posters

and He’s Not My President

Paying extortionate rent

for really shabby damn residence

We are power to the people

and fist-in-the-air

We are choose love and free hugs

and ‘tell me – I care’

We are the Gretas and Amikas

screaming ‘Westminster, wake up son’

We are begging America to put down the gun

We are trans inclusive and gender’s a spectrum

We’ve got metal in our tits and hoops in our septums

We ask ‘is this alright’ before we jump into bed

and our sex education was crap but we give really good head

We travel the world because our hometowns get boring

When our mind’s running a marathon and our empathy’s dawning.

But don’t get me wrong – we still f*** up a lot

We’re all lactose intolerant and the economy’s shot

but we’re eating less meat and we’re ethical consumers

and your racism won’t slide with us – okay boomers?

We’re the idealistic generation so Piers Morgan, sit down hun

because, despite your best efforts,

this snowflake won’t melt, son.

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