This piece was written at the start of the academic year, and as stress and graduation fears loom, I thought I would share it with you all.

Earth Wind and Fire
Green Day
Frank Sinatra
Carole King
A song about the month
Where everything

From 4 to 18
The month brings
Orange leaves
Crisp new schools shirts
Longer skirts
Or shorter if your mother
Wasn’t too strict.

September every year
The end of languid months
Or weeks spent working in the local shop.

Some of us choose to stay longer
Purchase the lease of education for a few more months
Some let their ownership of this formative thing
In favour of the deal of the working world
With its weekly wage.

But this year
Like every other for the next three years
We wander back
To cities up and down the country
Illusions of deep endeavours into the intellectual
But really far too many cheap pints.

But there is always September
Sickly stomachs
Nervous nausea
Itching excitement.

Yet that’s never what the songs are about.

Imy Brighty-Potts

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