recovery: untitled

Take one day at a time they say
It’s a journey and not a race
But when every day you feel like you’re losing
What other choice do you face?

Please just keep on going,
Keep persisting and pushing on through,
I promise you things can get better,
There’s a life that’s good, honest and true.

But how do I carry on,
With this existence that’s dragging me under?
Can I not just give up and run?
I sit. I cry. I wonder.

Let me tell you sweetheart,
What you’re facing is truly hard,
It’s not always going to be easy,
There’ll be times when you’re broken and scarred.

Can you promise me it’s worth it?
I’m scared that things will feel worse
What if this illness I’m facing,
Is a blessing, and not a curse?

When you realise that you can be free,
From this disease that’s trapping you in,
You’ll see the beauty of a life that’s worth living,
You can’t live while you’re empty and thin.

I know I’m just merely existing
I can’t carry on anymore,
When will I feel this willingness again?
It’s an opportunity I cannot ignore

Recovery isn’t linear,
Recovery is wave,
And the fact that you choose to keep going,
Is really fucking brave.


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