I Got My Period During Sex- So He Kicked Me Out

There’s nothing like a good Sunday filled with sex right?

Having sexy drinks, dancing around the kitchen with some absolute tunes, ending up in a bed giggling at everything and anything. Ahh…how idyllic.

But what if something were to change that.

Something, say, like a period.


Most people wouldn’t think that a normal bodily function would have an impact on one’s self-esteem and someone else’s respect but somehow, a function that occurs solely to women is the most taboo of all.

When the man I was sleeping with pulled out mid-sex and saw that there was blood, he looked physically shocked and disgusted.

Like half my body had just ripped in half.

Like his cock had just fallen off.

No…better yet…like I’d ruined HIS sex with covering him in my monthly situation.


The disconnect between him and his pleasure and me and my bleeding vagina took me by surprise. It was as if his daze- “his zone”- had been interrupted by my inadvertent bleeding. The orgasm he felt he was owed was supposedly taken away, leaving him resentful of me ruining a perfectly lovely evening. Me as a person and the vagina he was fucking were two completely different categories. He wasn’t fucking me, he was using my vagina to fuck.

Like real-life porn.

Like I was a sex doll.

He went from interested to disgusted in a second. His shoulders hunched, his eye contact turned to the floor and his tone went flat. He had rejected me and my period in a split second. He beckoned me away without having to say a word.

Like I wasn’t of use anymore.


For those of you don’t know, and you all really should, periods occur monthly (either regularly or irregularly) to women between the ages of 10 and 60. It is the flow of blood and other material from the lining of the uterus, marking the beginning of a woman’s sexual maturity. Other materials can look like lumpy, sticky blobs all the way to bits and can get stuck around the labia and inner canal. Yes, this is a part of a period too.

And not only women actually have periods. Transgender men will menstruate until they start hormone treatment. Non-binary individuals also can menstruate, something that is a horrific experience not only because of the pain and intensity of the occurrence itself but because of how it’s always associated with the female gender- albeit erroneously.

Let’s get back to that point briefly mentioned: pain.

Periods affect all parts of the body. Mentally, it can affect your mood to an incredible extent. It can bring around mood swings, extended depression, trigger past trauma. Also the cramps fucking hurt.

It’s something incredibly intense, personal and intimidating at times. It’s scary, and tiring and knackering. Showing someone the vulnerability that a period can trigger is really daunting, so when that reaction isn’t what you were expecting…it’s heart-breaking.

So when you’re being pounded from behind and you hear disgusted noises at something you’re so embarrassed and apprehensive about, you want to crawl up into a hole. And definitely not your bleeding one.

So how is cum, part of it being made of pee, acceptable, but the building blocks of baby-making not?

How is the pleasure of getting your dick wet superior to the pain and inevitability of a period?

Respect the cycle that gifts life.

Respect the pain someone is going through every day.

Respect, or get the fuck out.

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