Art Does Not Have To Be.

Art doesn’t have to be complex, intricate displays of the human condition layed out on a page, or a canvas.

Art does not have to be intellectually challenging. It does not need to make you question your preconceptions. Art should not make you feel stupid.

Art does not have to be expensive, or inaccessible. It’s limited nature should not determine it’s value as a stand alone concept.

Art does not have to defy societal norms, question what you believe or make you uncomfortable with it’s liberalism.

Art does not have to push boundaries, art doesn’t even have to approach the boundaries slowly and ask them why they are where they are.

Art does not have to be anything.

Art is merely a word for something created, not an emotion, not a sensation, not an end goal, but a jumping off point.

Art can be a poem about a Sunday morning, or a photograph of your lover’s eye.

Art can be easy, simple, unchallenging.

Art does not have to be superior, art can be mere existence and a contentment with that. So breath in, and create. Art is ours. Make of it what you will.

Imy Brighty-Potts

Categories: Entertainment, Opinion, Poetry

Imy Brighty-Potts

I am the founder and editor of The Hysteria Collective, poetry writer, play lover and Philosophy and Politics graduate. Hobbies include wine, cheese and coffee. @imybrightypotts on Twitter. @imyiswriting on Instagram.

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