Midi Skirts and Trainers – The First Summer Trend I Actually Felt Myself In

I have always worn midi skirts but there has never been a lot of choice. Normally they are only for work or holidays and not a lot in between. Nothing very casual or comfortable – but this year, this has changed. 

Since the spring, midi skirts have taken over Instagram, shop floors and online retailers. This has made me extremely happy but my bank account very sad. This summer trend is the first time I feel myself and as if the fashion world has finally heard my wishes. 

As a curvy girl, who isn’t that confident about her legs, midi skirts offer the perfect solution. I have been waiting for so many years for it to become a popular style so there was more choice. As before the choice has been tight midi skirts, which just make you hotter in the summer or a skirt length that was too short or too long. Whereas now there are floaty, silky skirts in a variety of colours and some with beautiful prints – notably florals and animal print.

Plus, it is also the fashion to slip a pair of trainers on with a midi dress or skirt, instead of having to wear dainty flats – and dainty is something I am not! This is the epitome of smart casual and a dream for me. I love a comfy trainer or slip-on shoe, rather than ballerina flats or a heel. Then combining that with my ideal skirt and a simple tee, gives maximum style and comfort with minimal effort and worry!

Seeing midi skirts being worn by people I follow and all over my Instagram discover page, by people of all shapes and sizes, is such a relief and makes me feel accepted in this social media world. I am finally feeling represented on social media and comfortable in the style that I wear. 

But this year’s midi skirt success in the spring and summer means our love affair for this style continues into autumn and winter – much to my delight and again my bank account’s dismay. 

In the shops we see midi skirts in darker colours with the rest of the Autumn/Winter stock. This skirt is transitioning into autumn by combining with long-sleeved tees, light jackets and trainers and following into the winter months by styling with jumpers, tights and ankle boots.

Therefore, we can now clearly see this skirts’ versatility, as well as its beauty. And now, it looks like it will become an all-season item, offering choice and flexibility to all. Who knows, maybe it will become a wardrobe staple, like a pair of jeans? 

But right now, I’m just thankful that this summer finally gave me the choice of skirts I always wanted and allowed me to have a wardrobe that I felt myself in. I hope this feeling continues into autumn/winter at least, and maybe even for a longer time! I would like this feeling to last longer than one or two seasons.

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