What It’s Like To Love Her

She is the sun.
She blazes through the atmosphere,
scorching the earth with a fire that burns so purely
that it scars the eyes of onlookers,
for there is no other sight that can match her beauty.
The way she shines through nature,
twinkling through vast leaves and branches,
leaves a gentle kiss of her humanity on all those who would welcome her
and let her warmth radiate within.

I am a shard of glass.
yet humble in the way her light gets caught inside me,
bounces around and casts bright beams over
black walls that threaten to keep the sun at bay.
Illuminations of colour climb those giants and for a
split second
a kaleidoscope adorns the darkness,
and caresses it with ambers and cyans,
magentas and jades,
until the beauty that courses through me is too much.

And as I turn with the winds of life
her light no longer hits me,
and I am cold.

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