Dolly Was Right: It’s All Takin’ And No Givin’

This is an anonymous article due to the nature of the subject and the writer wishing to retain her employment.

Dolly was right – and here’s why:

Workin’ 9-5 

What a way to make a livin’

Writing on behalf of one of the poor suckers who used to be on the daily grind, the 9-5 way of life that I genuinely hope dies out. Having a secure job with a steady salary and a purpose is nothing to sneeze at, I am fully aware that having this security is something lots of people would be more than happy with. Saying this, in my personal experience, I think there are ways that this kind of life can be improved, by companies who want to innovate their business in the interest of their staff, which is slowly being recognised and implemented.

It’s all takin’ and no givin’

Perhaps it was this company, however, I have never encountered anything so backwards and old-fashioned. The 9-5 is such a rigid structure, and I just couldn’t get around how when I looked around, people were so used to being chained to their desk all day with no real freedom, which in this day and age I was shocked to see so little flexibility or trust in the workplace that you would get your work done. This particular experience into the 9-5 has allowed me to peek behind the curtain of the working world, while also making me want to quickly throw it back across and close my eyes, wishing I had never looked in the first place. 

Now, from my own personal experience (which I have to stress this whole article is my own opinion and experiences) there is this strange sense of loyalty, where you feel you should be grateful for just being in the job because what other choice do you have? You give your time, your experience and just about everything else in-between to this job and you get all that for a paycheck. Of course, money is important, but is it as important when just about everything else falls by the wayside? Your wellbeing, your family, your social life are just as important and it is time for the tables to be turned and for employers to give back. Companies are listening, with the introduction of flexible working or a four-day working week which more companies across the UK need to think about implementing to boost productivity, improve general well-being and generate some trust between employer and employee. In short, just a really good step in the right direction. 

It’s enough to drive you

Crazy if you let it 

Over the course of this year, I have been a part of this world and it has made me realise something quite frightening in retrospect. Time. The 9-5 completely swallowed me up and my time, without even realising and I just presumed I no longer had any kind of life that didn’t start until the weekend. The moment I realised this was the case, was six months into my job and I knew I wasn’t enjoying it but I just thought this must be what all of it is like, and if you stick it out long enough, something will come out of it (I’m not even joking, if I counted all the times people said to me: “It’s just a stepping stone” I wouldn’t have had to do the job in the bloody first place). 

The thing is, the mantra of a nine-to-fiver is “Thank God It’s Friday”, which confuses me as why should we live our lives just living for the weekend? Life doesn’t start Friday night and finish on Monday morning and I don’t want to look back in ten years’ time and think I wasted all that time doing something that I didn’t love to do. It is the same principle as after 5, you still have until 9 to do whatever you want to do – socialise, join a club or just do something that isn’t work related and something that you really enjoy. 

To conclude – just don’t let the 9-5 consume you, you are way much more than an eight hour working day. 

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