Life Through The Lens

Being 21st century young adults, we’ve grown up in a world where technology has pretty much always seemed to be in our faces. Whether it’s a phone, a laptop or tablet, most people nowadays have some daily access to the world of technology. Of course, it comes with its pros and cons. The world can be captured and expressed beautifully through modern media, allowing it to be immortalised, but we mustn’t forget to take a deep breath and see the world through nature’s lens – our eyes. 

Having an eye for photography is something I’m sure we all possess deep down, though only some of us choose to access it. That’s what this page is for! I want this to be a place where people are free to express what their mind’s eye can capture. Be it through art or photography, if there is something in you that looks at a landscape and thinks: ‘I love the way the colours come through in this image’ or something that simply drives a need within you to share with the rest of the world what you see and feel, then we want to hear about it! When it feels as though you can’t express your feelings through words, art and photography act as a perfect medium for saying a thousand things – and no, I’m not going to say that well-known phrase! 

I’ve always had a passion for creative media, and the ability to share with thousands of people something that strikes me as worth talking about. If there’s something that you feel so passionately about that you can’t keep it to yourself, then this is the place for you. Everyone should be given the chance to express their passions and desires, and that’s why this creative outlet is such a blessing! The opportunity to be creative and passionate should never be taken away. So, write, draw, snap – however you want to express your art! 

What are you waiting for?


Art and Photography Editor

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