Editor’s Note

So today marks the launch of this collective.

This idea came to be through the endless files of stories, poems, scripts, songs and photos in my laptop that I didn’t feel had a place. Women everywhere are creating gorgeous art and work that has no true platform, for independent female art, strong, beautiful stories of the female experience, of equality, of our hopes and dreams and whims and wishes. This is a place where that art can be, unapologetically. Where you can create a network of strong, artistic women, contribute to a stream of stunning content. This note, will be the least beautiful thing on this website.

So join us, and join the movement, of unapologetic, connected, creative, feminist art.

All my love,

All images used on this page are either created by us or taken from Unsplash, where images are copyright free, and gorgeous. Please check out all the great photos you can use from there.

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