We are a collective of women, trans and non-binary people dedicated to arts and activism.

It is no secret that the arts are enormously inaccessible. Entry level positions regularly demand multiple years of experience for very little pay while work experience and full-time positions regularly go to those with systemic privileges.

At Hysteria, we were created to provide a safe space for women, trans and non-binary people to cultivate their artistic craft.

Whether you are a creative writer, a culture and entertainment writer or the next political commentator, we want you to know that every woman, trans and non-binary person is welcome here.

As a feminist and queer platform, activism is integral to everything we do.

Our feminism is intersectional, trans- and sex-worker inclusive. We support and collaborate with activist organisations across the UK who share our values.

As an entirely volunteer-run platform, we are currently unable to pay our writers.

We encourage those with the skills and expertise to access paid work to please prioritise this over writing as a volunteer for our platform. As Hysteria grows and we gradually manage to cover our costs, we plan to pay everyone involved in making this platform a success. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience.

Find us on Twitter @thehysteriaco and on Instagram @thehysteriacollective.