Happiness Not Hysteria: 07/04/2020

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday! Here at The Hysteria Collective, we have decided to start a new series to get us through this difficult time. With more and more people self-isolating, practising social distancing or just generally spending more time at home, we realise how isolating this can be and the constant onslaught of negative… Continue reading Happiness Not Hysteria: 07/04/2020

Letters From Lockdown 14: Rosie Hughes

Dear Charlie and Annabel, Well, what a blast it's been! To be honest, parenting was the job I was looking forward to the least, but was easily the one I've enjoyed the most. For a supposedly 'dysfunctional' single parent family we've had some real highs and, most importantly, some real laughs. We've got lost in… Continue reading Letters From Lockdown 14: Rosie Hughes

Letters from Lockdown 13: Joanna Magill

To myself, one year ago,  Hello. I’m glad you’re doing well. I’m glad that you’re walking in sunlight, eating fried plantains, taking 10 hour long night buses, swimming in rivers, listening to the nightly thunderstorms. Make sure to live these moments deeply, so that I can remember them deeply.  I’m writing to tell you a… Continue reading Letters from Lockdown 13: Joanna Magill