Our Team

“Started in the kitchen of a grotty university house; a team wasn’t in the initial plan. But looking around and seeing so many women who are so talented, far more than I am, in their field, I thought: ‘why not create a team of leaders for this collective who love what they do and are keen to change the way women involve themselves in the creative arts?’ So here are the strong, incredible women who are leading the way…”

Editor and Founder

Imogen Brighty-Potts (she/her)

I am Imy and I am an MA Journalism student and Philosophy and Politics graduate. I am currently a freelance journalist and copywriter for hire.

Passionate about all things creative art and promoting women’s places in them. Particularly enthusiastic about journalism, scriptwriting and comedy. I want to make these spheres accessible for women, particularly other queer women. Showing women how they can work together to create stunning projects they can be proud of while also encouraging the conversation about intersectional feminism and sustainability; a classic philosophy student. On a more trivial level, I love wine, Gilmore Girls and the hit musical: Legally Blonde. Often found curled up in a café drinking too much coffee and asking why the graduate job market is such a mess.

Deputy Editors

Georgia Hunt (she/her)

Georgia is a lover of media and visual art, particularly photography and film. She has been driven in the direction of creating the media that she loves to consume, and has started taking courses in screenwriting and film. Giving women a platform in the media and encouraging creative collaboration is something she feels is fundamental to media. She can’t wait to get involved with this project because of this. She believes that having a voice is fundamental to the human experience and she wants to work to promote this. The way to her heart is of course social justice, 80s movies, 20th century music and anything sweet.

Leah Quinn (she/her)

Leah Quinn is an Anglo-Irish writer and book blogger based in London. Founder of The Bibliophile Blog and spoken word artist, she also writes for Within Her Words and works on the editorial team at Ta Voix Literary Magazine. Leah studied her BA in English Literature with Philosophy Studies at the University of Sussex and is now studying the MA Publishing at City, University of London.

Our Sub-Editors

Shannon Pendleton (she/her)

Shannon is a final year psychology student.
“I love to write poetry! I’ve found writing to be an invaluable tool for processing certain emotions or life events, and so through my work I have explored themes such as grief, anxiety and social issues. I started writing around a year ago, so when I heard about The Hysteria Collective I was excited to join because it gave me a space to put my work, and inspired me to write more as I read the incredible work from other contributors. It is because of the support of this inclusive community that I have gained the confidence to start developing my own blog, called ‘Knots: Undone’, which will feature the written work I have produced over the last year.”

Cassidy Harvard-Davies (she/her)

Cassidy is a first-year Creative Writing PhD student at Lancaster University. She is currently specialising in queer adaptations of Ancient Greek poetry, but in her spare time, she’s really perfecting her house on Sims4. She runs her own blog specialising in poetry, book reviews, and articles, and her publications include ‘Peninsula’, an anthology compiled by Durham University MA students. She enjoys tea, dogs, intersectional feminism, mythology, and books, in that order.

Georgie Holmes (she/her)

Georgie is a third year English student at University of Southampton with a passion for all things writing, reading and music. Studying literature has led to her love of poetry, and she enjoys writing anything from album reviews to factual pieces concerning social media and politics. If she’s not at a gig, she’s spending her time completing her Goodreads yearly aim. Her main interests lie in music, books and politics.

Indigo Jones (she/her)

Indigo is a multimedia journalist studying MA International Journalism at Cardiff University. Her interests include food, theatre and travel. She is currently the editor of Quench magazine’s food & drink section, whilst simultaneously running her own food blog on Instagram @indigoesforfood.

Isabelle Jani Friend (she/her)

Isabelle is a freelance journalist with articles in a number of nationals including the Guardian, the Independent and VICE etc. Isabelle wants to help diversify the media and elevate underrepresented voices. As someone with an invisible illness she wants to continue to highlight disability discrimination and fight for an accessible and accommodating society for disabled people. She also campaigns around access to medication and the NHS. When she’s not working she enjoys boxing, seeing musicals and reading!

And then there are our strong, independent, creative contributors. Why not come on board and join them in sharing their incredible work on our platform? Make sure to join our creative forums for information about new creative opportunities as well!