Our Team

Started in my kitchen of a grotty university house, a team wasn’t in the initial plan. But looking around and seeing so many women who are so talented, far more than I am, in their field, I thought: “why not create a team of leaders for this collective who love what they do and are keen to change the way women involve themselves in the creative arts?” So here are the strong, incredible women who are leading the way…

Editor and Founder

Imogen Brighty-Potts

Passionate about all things creative art and promoting women’s places in them. Particularly passionate about journalism, scriptwriting and comedy, I want to make these spheres accessible for women. Showing women how they can work together to create stunning projects they can be proud of while also encouraging the conversation about intersectional feminism and sustainability; a classic philosophy student. On a more trivial level, I love wine, Gilmore Girls and the hit musical: Legally Blonde.

Art and Photography Editor

Georgia Hunt

Georgia is a lover of media and visual art, particularly photography and film. She has been driven in the direction of creating the media that she loves to consume, and has started taking courses in screenwriting and film. Giving women a platform in the media and encouraging creative collaboration is something she feels is fundamental to media. She can’t wait to get involved with this project because of this. She believes that having a voice is fundamental to the human experience and she wants to work to promote this. The way to her heart is of course social justice, 80s movies, 20th century music and anything sweet.

Our Sub-Editors

This is Megan Crossman, our first sub-editor. She is an English with Psychology student in Southampton and is an editor on a student newspaper. Passionate about all things literature and photography, she wants to enable women to express themselves online, creatively.
Our final member of the team is Amy Penn. She is 20 years old and from South Wales. She said “I’m currently having a break from university. I fell in love with writing this year and I enjoy writing about a range of topics, including chronic illness. I also love photography and I mainly enjoy shooting events, people and dramatic landscapes. I’m really proud to be sub editor for such a wonderful, empowering collective!”

And then there are our strong, independent, creative contributors. Why not come on board and join them in sharing their incredible work on our platform? Make sure to join our creative forums for information about new creative opportunities as well!