Let Me Go Home

Folded papers in boxes changing lives forever And a country's future I'm tired of your clowns in black and white suits dictating our Existence Those yellow faces and yellow hair cheering up to Immigration control Boris Johnson and his "get Brexit done" can go to Hell Let me remind you that some voted yesterday for… Continue reading Let Me Go Home

Uni Year Abroad FOMO and Guilt: My Experience

Year Abroad FOMO (fear of missing out) is real.  But so is Year Abroad Guilt. I anticipated that I would sometimes feel lonely out here, away from my friends and family who are getting on with normal life at home or uni. But what I never expected was feeling guilty about not doing things constantly. … Continue reading Uni Year Abroad FOMO and Guilt: My Experience

5 Lessons That You Learn When Your Life Falls Apart at 20

It is very common these days for people to say ‘I’m having a quarter-life crisis’ but what happened in my 20th year is better described as one crisis after another, a train wreck and a life-changing absolute disaster of a year. I started the year reliant on oxygen and knowing that I would be having… Continue reading 5 Lessons That You Learn When Your Life Falls Apart at 20