The Joy Project – Series Three: Siggy

Our third series is ‘Siggy’ with Tara Rooney (@itstararooney), a freelance photographer and doggo mama to Siggy. Tara and her pair of iconic Frida Kahlo socks invited Fran into the photography studio she has made for herself in the kitchen of her North London flat where the walls are covered in her gorgeous photography (go… Continue reading The Joy Project – Series Three: Siggy

The Joy Project – Series Two: Closer

Our second series is Closer with Rosa Caines (@rosa_caines), a glamorous and inclusive actress.  Hugged by the faint scent of burning sage and David Bowie’s ‘Young Americans’ and buried in the pages of the books Rosa will one day lend to a friend and never get back, Fran supped on a cup of tea as… Continue reading The Joy Project – Series Two: Closer