Letters From Lockdown 70: Imy Brighty-Potts

To the readers, and contributors of The Hysteria Collective, When Lockdown started, what feels like an eternity ago, I was scared of how we were going to keep up a good and consistent level of content and motivation. Because lets be honest, for me at least, there was a somewhat all consuming feeling of total… Continue reading Letters From Lockdown 70: Imy Brighty-Potts

Pride Month 2020: hands, wrists, teeth

content warning: sexual references it wasn't meant to be like this.it wasn't your hands that should be around my waist,or mine, on your chest.soft touches of crumpled duvets and fingers curled around your wrist,apprehension mingling with tension in the fraction of air between baited lips.but as I feel my legs wrapping around you,I carry the… Continue reading Pride Month 2020: hands, wrists, teeth

Letters From Lockdown 65: Anonymous

Trigger Warning: Bullying, Suicide, Abuse To the people who believe that the term bulling is “childish“ and “deserves to stay in secondary school", You make my skin crawl,My heart break,My palms sweat,My stomach heave,My vision turn red as I shake with anger. You remind me of the adultsWho told me,When I needed them the most,When… Continue reading Letters From Lockdown 65: Anonymous