Letters from Lockdown 37: Rosie Hughes

Dear Friends (you know who you are..), I have always been blessed with friends who support my values; loyalty, kindness, determination, integrity and generosity. To say I am missing you all is an understatement. The modern, connected world provides possibilities via text, email, endless apps and zoom conferencing but comes nowhere close to compensating for… Continue reading Letters from Lockdown 37: Rosie Hughes

Letters From Lockdown 14: Rosie Hughes

Dear Charlie and Annabel, Well, what a blast it's been! To be honest, parenting was the job I was looking forward to the least, but was easily the one I've enjoyed the most. For a supposedly 'dysfunctional' single parent family we've had some real highs and, most importantly, some real laughs. We've got lost in… Continue reading Letters From Lockdown 14: Rosie Hughes