Let Me Go Home

Folded papers in boxes changing lives forever And a country's future I'm tired of your clowns in black and white suits dictating our Existence Those yellow faces and yellow hair cheering up to Immigration control Boris Johnson and his "get Brexit done" can go to Hell Let me remind you that some voted yesterday for… Continue reading Let Me Go Home

The Polanski Matter

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not those of The Hysteria Collective as a whole. "You have to separate the man from the artist", lots of people are repeating over and over again, some of them even defending feminist values, which is quite sickening. This article will be a… Continue reading The Polanski Matter

Murder at the Film School

If Amaury Le Compte would have known where his top five students were at the moment, and what they were talking about, he would probably not have believed it. It was a lovely afternoon day, the kind that he liked. The film school's courtyard was painted in too-contrasted orange and purple flakes and a soft… Continue reading Murder at the Film School