Being a Crazy Girlfriend Isn’t Cute, It’s Toxic

Content warning: Discussion of toxic relationships “Fine, if we can’t hang out, I guess you don’t really love me.”  “I have a confession to make… I was pissed at you last night, so I started flirting with my ex.” These might sound like lines from Taylor Swift lyrics, but they’re actually quotes from my little… Continue reading Being a Crazy Girlfriend Isn’t Cute, It’s Toxic

Letters From Lockdown 30: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette

(To my future self) Dear Alyssa-Caroline, One day, you will wear dresses with twirly skirts and drink Instagrammable cocktails under fairy lights. You will twirl in the street and laugh without fear of the future.   One day, you won’t need to check her blog any more in self-preservation, waiting for the next fresh hell to… Continue reading Letters From Lockdown 30: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette

Letters From Lockdown 29: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette

(To my rescue kitten Emerson) Dear Emerson,  I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be quarantined with you! Sometimes I look at you and I’m so overwhelmed by how far you’ve come already, beautiful girl. It seems like yesterday, you were this fragile kitten that could fit in the palm of my hand, this little… Continue reading Letters From Lockdown 29: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette

You Gave Me Panic Attacks And I Called it Love

In my head, everything is different. Better. Our days are filled with laughter and I make you see that there is everything to live for when we have sunshine streaming through our window and the ice cream truck around the corner and when I’m willing to tear my own heart into shreds if it helps yours… Continue reading You Gave Me Panic Attacks And I Called it Love

It Doesn’t Matter That my Abuser Was Nice To You

Content warning: abuse When it comes to abuse allegations, others’ experiences with an abuser are often touted as an exonerating character witness, a testimony affirming, “They were nice to me, so that couldn’t have happened.” And maybe the people who offer this (unsolicited) opinion intend simply to stand up for a friend they believe is… Continue reading It Doesn’t Matter That my Abuser Was Nice To You