BLACKPINK’s Lisa Releases Solo Debut: Lalisa

Recently, BLACKPINK’s Lisa became the third member of the group to release her solo debut. Following Jennie’s 2018 release of ‘Solo’ and Rosé’s first mini album, R, being released earlier this year, anticipation for the main dancer’s track was incredibly high. Being self-titled, ‘Lalisa’, the song seems to be the embodiment of Lisa and her energy. The music video must be one of YG Entertainment’s largest scales of all time with constant costume and set changes. Lisa can definitely be seen as the ace of BLACKPINK by showcasing her remarkable dance, vocal, and rap abilities. 

Lisa’s music video has already broken various records and is now the most viewed music video by a solo artist in 24 hours, surpassing Taylor Swift. It is also the 6th most viewed music video in 24 hours, exceeded only by BTS and other BLACKPINK music videos. This comes as no surprise due to the sheer force of BLACKPINK’s fanbase, BLINK, and the global hold that the group currently has. 

Whilst taking the world by storm, Lisa makes sure to remind fans that she has not forgotten where her dream started; in Thailand. No matter where you look, Lisa is painted across billboards and young dancers’ phones across the country. During the writing process, Lisa specifically asked producer Teddy to include a Thai feel to the song as a way to pay homage to where her journey began. In addition to this, the dance break uses elements of traditional Thai dance and outfits. Lisa can be seen wearing a modern adaptation of traditional Thai clothing from famous fashion brand Asava. In the background, Thai styled temples can be seen with most believing that it was inspired by the Phanom Rung temple of Lisa’s hometown, BuriRam province. The mix of modern music and traditional Thai aspects highlights the multifaceted personality that Lisa holds. 

Lisa’s influence in Thailand has had a huge impact on Thai youth. Many young people have been inspired by Lisa and her success since, for many of them, it is their first time seeing an ordinary Thai person become an international star due to their hard work and potential. In her lyrics, Lisa mentions her never-ending willpower: ‘I came to Korea from Thailand, and I went for the throat’. Despite the difficulties Lisa would have faced as a trainee, her work ethic allowed her to debut as YG Entertainment’s first non-Korean heritage idol

Lisa is a young woman who is not afraid of showcasing her confidence and taking up space in an often intimidating industry. Her bubbly personality and determination makes her likeable to everyone. While off-stage, Lisa presents herself as down to earth and vivacious, her debut album highlights her powerful and alluring side. Any BLINK is immediately able to identify Lisa’s solo but it still manages to bring something new to the music world. 

YG Entertainment has already confirmed that Jisoo is preparing to make her solo debut, completing the group’s solo repertoire. But in the meantime, you can watch Lisa’s solo, ‘Lalisa’, here!

Image courtesy of Erik Mclean.

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