CW: mentions of addiction, drugs

I breathe her in my nose,

I’m hooked in one and won’t let go,

muddling my mind with the energy she gives,

she plants her roots in my senses.

Taste her in my throat,

choke on the truth that I’ve become,

bitter sweet by character she hurts me deep,

but a sucker for punishment I always return.

She races my heart,

it’s hard to stray breathing with her,

my life sped up I race to keep going

is she stealing my time away?

Ignite my skin and watch me burn,

she’s a cruel lover and knows no end,

follow her down or get left behind,

you can’t play her game and live to win.

Fill my head with thoughts of her,

her memory dusted on the table,

a white shadow of her she lay for me,

I need your burn once more.

Image courtesy of Osman Rana

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