My Favourite Comfort Shows

It is one of those days when all I can do is slum it on the sofa in my pyjamas, eat cake, and watch TV shows that warm my frosty heart. Bad days happen to all of us and watching comfort shows is one way to just take a step back from the world and completely relax. No work, no social media, just you and your favourite familiar characters. However, if you are struggling to find something that has the perfect level of warm humour and eccentric characters, here are my suggestions for the best comfort shows.

Gilmore Girls

You’re probably tired of people talking about Gilmore Girls but there is a good reason as to why you cannot escape it. This show is the embodiment of comfort. Its warm autumn tones and copious amounts of coffee give off a relaxing energy. I watch this show when I’m sad, hungover, tired, or overworked. It gives me the same boost as a shot of caffeine straight to the veins would. The quirky mother-daughter duo makes you feel like you’re a part of their family with their witty pop culture references and their homely temperament. The small town with all of its unorthodox residents will have you hooked from the first episode. You’ll be obsessed with the relationships and wild circumstances that the two Gilmores get themselves into. The ups and downs of this show give it a sincere feel. I cannot recommend Gilmore Girls enough and it still gives me the same snug spirit on my sixth re-watch. (Yes, I am that obsessed.)

New Girl

If you just can’t get enough of quirky characters like in Gilmore Girls, New Girl is also the perfect show for you. Every character is so well written that you love them all, in spite of their faults. New Girl invites its audience in with lovable characters and next thing you know, you’re shipping Nick and Schmidt hard and debating over who the best character is. Twitter has had a field day with this show and honestly, that just improves the viewing experience. In lockdown, everyone was gushing over Nick but personally, I am definitely more of a Winston person. This show has sent my already high standards for men through the roof. Despite the overarching plotline that follows through all of the seasons, each episode normally has its own standalone theme, which makes the show so easy to dip in and out of when needed. Overall, New Girl is just right for those days when it’s just too difficult to do anything more than scream at the screen.

Jane The Virgin

If you have a soft spot for telenovelas, you will absolutely adore Jane The Virgin. As a Spanish student in secondary school, I used to act like watching this show counted as Spanish revision, which made me feel slightly less bad for ignoring all of my school work. This multigenerational show will have you in floods of tears from both heartbreak and laughter. It’s a little cheesy at times but I think that just adds to the warm atmosphere, which is perfect for down days. The drama will keep you constantly hooked, even if it is a little over the top. Sprinkled throughout the five seasons are some extremely serious storylines, such as Xiomara’s cancer diagnosis and Alba’s green card journey, giving the show more integrity and taking it beyond the traditional telenovela. Set in Miami, the show exudes summer holiday energy, sending the smell of sunscreen and overly sugary cocktails right to your room. If you have no idea what the plot of the show is, the title alone should be intriguing enough to make you sit down and watch the first few episodes- you’ll be on season two by tomorrow.


If you haven’t worked it out by now, comfort for me means comedic ensemble shows in which every single character is slightly unhinged. Community is definitely no exception to this rule. By the end of binge watching this show, you will be discussing with your friends which character you are most like (and trust me, everyone identifies with at least one of the core seven). I saw a lot of myself in Annie, the controlling perfectionist who is obsessed with getting good grades. I mean it is me down to a T. Community throws together some of the worst and weirdest humans into a community college study group but believe me, there is a lot more to it than that. Seasonal paintball, over the top Christmas specials, and one of the greatest Halloween episode I’ve ever watched, Community really does have it all. Despite the disappointment that was the final season, Community is still a show that I frequently revisit when I need a reminder that being weird isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Whilst all of these shows have slightly different premises, they all fit what I need when I’m having a bad day. I’ve re-watched all of these shows and they still work in getting me out of a funk when I need it most. Now its your turn to get sharing your favourite comfort shows with me, as they may just help me out in the future when I need a cheerful boost in my life. All these good recommendations aren’t free after all.

Image courtesy of Mollie Sivaram.

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