Spring Raindrops

The splodge of the fat raindrops or the patter of sharper ones

Is lovely to hear when tucked up inside 

Look at the starling gang gathering on the lawn or the solitary blackbird doing his hoppity dance

Anything to get the worms 

Step outside, be brave

Inhale the wet grass and scan the horizon for a glimpse of light in the grey

Focus on the vibrant hue of the bluebells, nodding goodbye to the dying daffodils

Without the rain, you wouldn’t have this natural spectacle 

Soak in the freedom of the wetness on your skin, stamp in the blossom-filled puddles 

Listen to the leaves and the rustling feathery activity in the tree

Savour this time before the monotony of dryness and sun

Step outside, be brave

All this is free

Image courtesy of Kiwihug.

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