Don’t Call Him Boris. He Is Not Your Friend

The opinions expressed in this piece are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of The Hysteria Collective as a whole.

The Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, is polarising for many. Causing havoc within Brexit negotiations, refusing to discipline party members who break laws and failing hugely in the Covid-19 pandemic; I, for one, am certainly not a fan.

However, this isn’t about my party-political beliefs. This is about the idolisation of Johnson, where it has become completely commonplace to call him by his first name. At first, before he was elected, this was funny. “Boris” is a comical name to say, yes, but it needs to stop now he is Prime Minister.

In what other country is the democratic leader referred to by their first name like they are your friend? You don’t see people saying “Donald”, “Angela”, or “Emmanuel”, so why is it the British that insist on speaking of Johnson as if he’s their friend? No other PM has had this type of treatment, so why make Johnson out to be a funny, relatable figure, when he has caused the amount of catastrophe to this country that he has?

It is cringe-worthy to listen to people saying things like, “Boris wouldn’t let us do that!”, as if he is a friendly pal giving advice. That is not the case. Johnson is not on your side, however much his comical, easy-to-say first name might make him out to be a normal character, or one of us.

Please, stop calling him “Boris”, making him out to be a friendly, funny character. He is not your friend. He does not respect you. He would not stick up for you. Stop idolising him within this funny, caricature-like manner. It might not seem like much, but by calling him by his first name, you are contributing to the discourse around him that makes him out to be someone for the working-class people, when (if you look at everything that’s happened since he’s been in power) that is clearly not the case.

Image courtesy of Jordhan Madec.

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