Letters From Lockdown 98: Imogen Brighty-Potts

To my gorgeous best pal on her 21+1 birthday (because the 21st year hasn’t exactly been great).

Kristie, my love, we don’t do things like this really, letters and poetry and emotion for each other. It’s too ‘wet’.

But, I didn’t think before this year that I would enjoy nights in instead of nights out or that you and I would be going for walks in 2 degrees in December and getting coffee just so we could see each other. So let’s do the unexpected.

We have never been very good at being apart, at distance.

When we were 18, if we weren’t out causing trouble, going on nights out straight from the gym, sitting in MacDonalds or just laying on my bed chatting a load of old crap, we weren’t awake. We were always together, the passenger seat of my car was always yours and The Clash was always poised, waiting to be blared out of my tinny speakers.

This year hasn’t been easy for you. I’ve watched you face up to demons, work through some tough stuff, and make some really difficult decisions; something which for once, we may not have agreed on. But, I am so proud of how you have always handled everything with strength, understanding and honesty. Honesty should be your middle name (I bet you wish it was). Because I can trust you to be honest with me whenever I need you to be (which is often because I can be an irrational dick sometimes).

We may be a bit older, a bit less wild and a bit more accustomed to a glass of wine rather than eight shots of tequila rose, but my love for you is still the same. I am filled with pride and happiness when I see you living your life, free and ambitious. You deserve to love, be loved, grow and thrive.

So, despite the fact this birthday has come round far far too quickly, today, tomorrow and always, I will be celebrating you. You deserve to be told how amazing you are.

Thank you for missing all those revision sessions with me and for never saying no to a night out. I can’t wait to keep clattering through life with you.

Love, always,

Ims xxx

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