Letters from Lockdown 97: Vicky Greer

To all my friends, who couldn’t be together in one place.

Well, we tried to make it work. Our lives are moving at painfully different paces and so I took a song lyric and crossed an ocean to try and have my friends all together in one place again. If you’re reading this, then you know that didn’t quite go according to plan. Instead of dramatic outfits and even more dramatic karaoke on a Wednesday night, we’re all back inside, close enough but never touching.

I tried with all my energy to take back a semblance of control in my life, but once again that choice was taken from me by fate, or landlords, or just bad luck, so I’m crossing that ocean again.

My biggest fear is that I’ll never see some of you again.

The future stretches out in front of me now like an equation that doesn’t quite add up, like I’ve missed half the movie and no one’s around to explain the plot.

I swear to you, I tried to make it work. I tried so hard to make something work.

I want my impulsive, unhealthy, glorious misspent youth back, but it’s slipping from my grasp long before its time. I want mosh pits that bruise me, I want spontaneous tattoos and the last hug at the end of a night out.

But most of all

“I just want my friends all together in one place”

With all my love,


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