Letters From Lockdown 94: Georgie Holmes

To my brother, Tom (aka Thomas, Tomasina),

Happy birthday, you child.

I know that now you are technically only one year younger than me now, but in my head you’ll always be the weird nine-year-old with an obsession for all things Moshi Monsters, Go-Go Crazy Bones and Minecraft. Remember you started that YouTube channel at age 11, but because you weren’t allowed to show your face, you just recorded the bin and your feet? Fun times.

Anyways, enough of embarrassing times (although I have many more I could list), it’s your birthday! You are 19?!?!

I am sorry I couldn’t get you much this year. As you are the employed sibling studying a STEM subject, you unfortunately fail to understand the struggle of being a 20-year-old unemployed humanities student with no job prospects, but oh well!

I am sorry for all the times I get annoyed at you. Granted, you deserve it some of the time, but I do need to give you some credit. You’ve had to deal with me stressing throughout my school-life, my random tearful panic attacks and my incessant shyness for a whole 19 years now.

However much I hate to admit it, you are a fantastic sibling and I’m so happy we are as close as we are. Whether it be making fun of our sometimes tech-inept parents on family Facetimes multiple times a week, or having intense political discussions, I am very grateful for it all.

I hope your day is as fun as it could be today. Who knew we’d both end up having lockdown birthdays, despite there being a 7 month gap between them?! (We can blame this one on the government, something we both do a lot).

The moment we are reunited at home again I aim to annoy you as much as humanely possible, just to make this Christmas feel a little bit more normal.

Happy birthday, Tomasina.

Love from your favourite sibling/human,


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