Introducing: Moodledo

Over the past few years, more and more conversations have been had about sustainability, especially with regards to fashion. Increasing numbers of people are shunning high street fashion retailers as they become more aware of the ethical and environmental impact of how their clothes are made. This has resulted in both the growth and the creation of more second-hand stores and independent retailers. One such retailer is Moodledo. 

Moodledo was founded by Maddie Lock to showcase unique, unisex and sustainable fashion. Maddie draws on drag, abstract thinking and colour to create both statement pieces and everyday clothes. Sustainability is of the utmost importance in this business: all clothes are created by hand from second-hand or sustainable materials such as old clothes and upcycled curtains. Even the fabric scraps from Moodledo creations are donated to local charity shops, meaning that each piece in Moodledo’s collections is made with zero waste. 

In recent news, Moodledo’s new AW20 mini collection has just dropped. Speaking about this collection, Maddie said “I have a habit of creating and then finding meaning in my work, in all aspects of creativity, and I suppose that’s what I did with this mini collection. Reflecting upon it late at night whilst finishing off the suit jacket, I realised this collection is all about gender, seasons, and how they are both subject to change. The colour scheme actually accidentally fell together, to make some lovely autumnal tones – creams, browns, auburns – all things autumn really. I don’t believe these colours would feel as powerful if they were to be presented in a spring/summer collection, as they lack that vibrancy we associate with the emotions and experiences of brighter weather.”

“In terms of gender, I read something the other day which expressed that many people have questioned their gender throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, as without the restrictions placed upon us by society to conform to a gender, we may no longer feel associated with the previous gender that we were presenting at all. Considering the worldly impact being in lockdown has had on us all, I feel it’s important for that to shine through in my work as well. This is most highlighted in the patchwork dress, which was inspired by Crystal Methyd the drag queen; and what better way to fuck with gender than drag? The suit too questions gender stereotypes, with female power suits showing firstly that women can rock anything, and secondly defying the long history of women being refused masculine clothing. Whilst creating these pieces I had no clue what they’d become; that I was sewing together my first mini collection for AW20. But I am extremely proud to have this small curation of what a world dressed in Moodledo could look like – what colours and patterns they’d wear, and what the meaning behind the clothing would symbolise.”

You can find out more about Moodledo at their website They can also be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. To contact Maddie directly, email

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