Letters From Lockdown 57: South

Dear You,

I need not point out who you are, you should already know since the majority of things I write are about/for you, this being a prime example I suppose. Well, today marks 2 months since we packed up half our stuff, got an insane amount of McDonalds, and drove back to the home county for who-knew-how-long. We’re still here, still in separate houses, and still in lockdown. Sort of. Maybe. Does anyone even know anymore? I certainly don’t, but then again you know I don’t know a lot of things, so perhaps it’s just me.

Neither of us knew it would be this long, well okay admittedly you did try to tell me, and I did listen (AS I ALWAYS DO DEAR!), I just didn’t really understand what was happening and played it off. What I can say for sure is that neither of us knew it would be this difficult. We knew it would be HARD, we aren’t stupid and we’ve both done distance before, but I don’t think either of us were really prepared for the gravity of the situation. Isolation has honestly never been more unappealing than when I know the other half of my heart resides a mere 23 minutes and at least 2 metres away indefinitely. Our 3 month mark came and went, as has the 4 month mark, and the little plans I had tried to put into place to put a grin back between those rosy cheeks slowly fell through.

But it hasn’t all been doom and gloom! Here’s a little list of all that has been accomplished:

  • We watched Orla’s livestream
  • We’ve had multiple date nights
  • Attempted to learn languages (I’m now 10% fluent in French, calm yourself 😉 )
  • Submitted one dissertation (and absolutely ripping the living daylights out of mine, EYEBROWS?!)
  • Done some yoga
  • Had a few walks
  • Read opening chapters of books to each other
  • Sent letters and small tokens of affection (thank the heavens for the Royal Mail ❤ )
  • Done quizzes with pals
  • Gotten rather past-it on bevs
  • Had a sing-song
  • Became tiktok legends

Things are still a little grey here and there, but there is light upon the horizon! It’s less than a week until I get to see you and not have to worry about passing anything on to my family or you to yours. Less than a week until we get to drive back to our home away from home with the windows down and ‘Toot Toot’ blaring as loud as poor Evie can cope with. Less than a week until we can fall asleep next to each other after binge-watching a TV series, or a film you’ve introduced me to. Less than a week until I can call your name from one room and you’ll reply from a different room in the same house. Less than a week.

Here’s to the day I get to hold your hand again.

All my love, forever and always,

Your Haz xxx

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