Letters From Lockdown 56: Annabel Hughes

To my gorgeous Anouska,

Ayy bb I’ve missed your cute lil face. I hope you’re having a wonderful pandemic.

Not having you next door for the past couple of months has been very lonely – what I would do for a cuddle and a Thatcher’s with you right now!

I have never had so much fun with one person that I’ve known for such a short time before – we always manage to get ourselves in the most stupid situations and I love it! Our little gang (you know who you are) has filled me with so much love and happiness and I am SO hyped for these next few years together – it’s going to be amazing.

On a more serious note I really could not have got through this year without you – you’ve been my absolute rock (or stick). I remember at my lowest points knocking on your door in tears and feeling completely helpless and scared and you would always let me sleep in your bed with you and hug me until I felt better. I don’t think I ever properly thanked you for that, so thank you.

On the contrary I will always be here to help sort out your messes too, of which there have been and will be quite a few due to our amazing ability to dodgem-car through life.

This letter is very short and that is because I am unproductive and lazy but we both knew that already – you’re probably still in bed when this is posted and I would expect nothing less from my russian QuEeN (not actually russian just sounds like you are).

I hope you are well and Marmite the cat is being cute as always, I am so desperate to meet her. 

All my love,

Annabel x

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