The Lock-Down Lookbook: Keeping Quarantine “Couture”

Fashion to me has always been a form of escapism, putting on an outfit and being a different version of ‘me’ for the day. I love the act of picking out clothes creating a look for the day, the version of me I want to be for those 24 hours. So why should a lock down stop me from that sense of normality?

Although I do need to provide the disclaimer that no make up was styled with these outfits, and neither were bras worn. Which let em tell you was liberating in itself, and if this lock-down continues is a new norm I am ready to embrace. Alos if you’ve decided you do want to wear makeup and bras during this time, good for you. You do whatever it is you need to make this time as relaxing as it can be. You go Glen Coco!

In the immortal words of Ru Paul the next category is “Quarantine Couture.”

Day One: I call this look “Satirical Slouch.” All you need for this outfit is an oversized sweatshirt, preferably about three sizes too big and with an ironic saying splattered across the front and a pair of leggings you’ve owned for years. Put your hair up in some ‘I can’t be bothered’ plaits and accessories with a variety of different mugs throughout the day whilst you are drinking copious amounts of tea.

It should also be noted that halfway through the day, the ironic statement I was wearing slowly became my mood so wear your outfit with caution!

Sweatshirt: from Skinny Dip currently on sale for £17.50!

Day Two: This look is a fine example of “Stay at Home Safari.” Put together using a basic black jumper, I’d always prefer a high neck or a turtle neck but honestly pick whatever style floats your boat. I’ve paired this black jumper with a pair of leopard print wide leg trousers. I thought I’d trick my brain by wearing an outfit I’d usually wear out but making it into stay. at home chic by not wearing a bra and not wearing a belt. It worked a treat! To finish off this look I decided to add a black headband. You know, one of those headbands that make you look like a fashion blogger, but really they are an excellent tool to hide your greasy hair. My final accessory with this outfit is additional pet hair which comes from cuddling all the fur babies at every single moment you can in the day.

Leopard Print Wide Leg Trousers: I couldn’t find my exact pair but. these ones from BooHoo are very similar and are on sale for £12.8!

Day Three: I have referred to this jumper for years as “granny Chic” so I present to you “Not Going Out Nanna Chic.” You can build this outfit from a crop top (I’ve picked a white one that I’m not entirely sure if it was originally a crop top or if it’s shrunk over time.) Over the top I’ve put on a fluffy pink bedazzled jumper, originally from Tu (Sainsburys’ own brand) that I purchased at a charity shop, tucked into (thank you Queer Eye) a pair of whit tracksuit trousers. These are the type of tracksuit trousers that I originally purchased for that effortless look but I’ve never worn outside of my house because I am too clumsy for them to stay clean all day. To top the look off I’ve put my hair in a top knot because I still haven’t washed my hair yet!

White Tracksuit Trousers: These are from one of my favourite sustainable brands ever TALA honestly all of this stuff is amazing quality! These tracksuit trouser are made from plastic bottles and make me feel like an eco warrior goddess every time I wear them!

Book: Period by Emma Barnet, I personally believe it’s important to match your outfit to your book, especially when you are educating yourself.

Day Four: If I’m honest I woke up feeling sad and deflated today and I wanted an outfit that felt comfy and familiar. It also happens to be the same outfit I wore when I last saw my friends. and I’m missing them lots. For this outfit. I have paired a crazy soft oversized cardigan I got myself for Christmas (thank you past Phoebe) with a graphic t-shirt you can’t quite read and really soft plisse cullotte trousers. Again I’ve styled my hair in the same top knot as yesterday but with a head band to detract from the state it is now in (I promise I’ll wash it soon Mum!) And my number one fashion accessory is a water bottle because it is always important to stay hydrated especially when your brain is thinking abut a million and one other things.

Trousers: a recent purchase from ASOS originally intended to be worn on a trip away with my friends but they look just as cute sat on the sofa!

Cardigan: from H&M, unfortunately I couldn’t find my colour, but they have the same style in pink which honestly I’m very tempted in ordering. Also form their ‘conscious range’ so you can order yourself a sustainable pick-me up!

Whatever you all choose to wear during this lock down I hope you’re comfy and happy and embracing your inner Tan France whilst picking your outift for the day!

Phoebe x

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