Dear Lockdown Comrade

Dear lockdown comrade,this is not the end,this is not our end,even if it feels like we are descendinginto an unknown fearful world. Dear lockdown companion,screens are our facesreaching across spaces. Virtual hearts yearningin our virtual livesfor something more than closed doors. Dear lockdown ally,as each day passes liketime bottledstacked on empty shelves,compressed eternity don't worry,… Continue reading Dear Lockdown Comrade

Letters from Lockdown 37: Rosie Hughes

Dear Friends (you know who you are..), I have always been blessed with friends who support my values; loyalty, kindness, determination, integrity and generosity. To say I am missing you all is an understatement. The modern, connected world provides possibilities via text, email, endless apps and zoom conferencing but comes nowhere close to compensating for… Continue reading Letters from Lockdown 37: Rosie Hughes

The Offensive Concepts of Patriarchy and White Privilege

We do still live in a world run by men and white people, and whoever is saying the contrary is very much blind - willingly. I've heard some saying that progress is now made and so getting offended, expressing even an unapologetic weariness, when topics that revolve around "patriarchy" and "white privilege" are evoked, discussed,… Continue reading The Offensive Concepts of Patriarchy and White Privilege