The Joy Project – Series Two: Closer

Our second series is Closer with Rosa Caines (@rosa_caines), a glamorous and inclusive actress. 

Hugged by the faint scent of burning sage and David Bowie’s ‘Young Americans’ and buried in the pages of the books Rosa will one day lend to a friend and never get back, Fran supped on a cup of tea as Rosa opened up about love, loss, and the power of meditation. 

About the Artists
Fran Cattaneo, 22-year-old theatre enthusiast and a sucker for pretty things. Having read and seen it in performance a fair few times, Duncan McMillan’s Every Brilliant Thing is one of Fran’s favourite plays, about a young boy who makes a list for his mum of everything that’s brilliant about the world, everything that’s worth living for. Fran’s friends, family and those she surrounds herself with are her brilliant things, and she hopes this project does their brilliance justice. Instagram account tag: @francat_photography

Charlotte Paradise, 24-year-old vegan and Christian with an invisible disability. Five and a half years ago now, she got sick and became mostly house bound. The constant pain and limitations she lived with triggered depression and she was encouraged to art journal as a relief, which grew into her current and beloved art practice collage. It has brought her hope
and joy in the dark places and it feels aligning that she would now be using it to explore how others find and practice joy.
Instagram account tag: @journalinglife

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