Neon lights and party heights – my heart’s buzzing in my chest

Adrenaline flowing with the cortisol and I really don’t need to rest

You are a caffeinated shock to my system that I didn’t know I needed

With your lips on my neck I feel the energy descending through my bloodstream

Your fingers sinking into every capillary and just existing there

Holding fort and territory in places I said I would never let be colonised again

It’s New Years Eve and I missed the countdown

Lost in my mind and these lights in this bar and your energy

Where are we?

I will not know this location when you ask me in the morning

But I know right now it feels perfect

Right now I know this feels perfect

That scares me –

There is lightning in your fingers when you touch me

But I’ve seen lightning cut through trees much tougher than my exterior

I have seen lightning destroy and burn

In the same breath that we marvel at its beauty in the sky

There’s a power to intensity

There’s an intensity in your power

And I am caught in the grasps of this feeling so strong

So contradictory to the gentility of your hands

We spend so long saying that no one is good enough

But then when we find good enough it feels like a terminal illness

From which we never recover

So forgive me if I have to hold off from the truth it a little bit longer

I’m getting there

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