birthday spell

for your days to be warm june breeze days 

well-toasted christmas eve days

rainy four pm sundays 

surprise ‘no class!’ weekdays 

this-went-better-than-i-thought days

(didn’t-get-out-of-bed days) 

done for the weekend fridays 

first daffodils of spring days 

perfect cup of tea days

kick about on a field days

baby smiling on a train days

lovely lie-in wednesdays 

met-a-dog-at-the-bus-stop days

unexpectedly forgiving days 

mid-january snow days 

i-looked-good-today days 

tummy hurts from laughing days 

tennis in the road days 

baking all-day-long days 

visiting the sea days 

when-i-next-see-you day

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